Quality PvM

Experience quality PvM while being rewarded for taking on tougher challenges.

  1. Chambers of Xeric
  2. Theatre of Blood (In development)
  3. Inferno
  4. Nightmare

Exciting PvP

Fight in exciting player-vs-player matches to show your skills against your opponents.

  1. Revenant Caves
  2. PK Tournament
  3. Last Man Standing
  4. Wilderness Events

Group Content

Partake in exciting group content and unique events hosted by the staff.

  1. Boss Bonanza
  2. Dice, Duel & FP
  3. Dungeoneering
  4. Custom Minigames


Live Achievements

  • Jon has found Beaver at 117.67m Woodcutting XP!
  • Dmarvin2k received an Infinity bottoms drop after slaying Battle mage (KC: 17)
  • Maxie received a Virtus robe legs drop after slaying Nex (KC: 299)
  • Cheese (Normal) achieved level 99 Hitpoints!
  • Thing 1 received Dragonstone platebody after opening the elven crystal chest 5 times!
  • Dmarvin2k received an Infinity top drop after slaying Battle mage (KC: 1)
  • Found a bug? Use ;;bug to file a report!
  • Hc Ele has joined Zeah!
  • Zei received a Golden mining helmet from Lava Flow Mine!
  • An evil tree has been spotted near the Woodcutting guild Maple trees!
  • Have you voted for Zeah today? If not, type ;;vote to do so!
  • Morph received a Trident of the seas (full) drop after slaying Kraken (KC: 140)
  • Mussolini (Ironman) achieved level 99 Fletching!
  • Jon has looted Bandos godsword x 1 from a Super Mystery Box!
  • Mussolini has found Fez at level 90 Fletching!

Official Events

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