Quality PvM

Experience some of the biggest hits from the popular revisions with a spin off using powerful relics and pet perks:

  1. Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood
  2. Crystalline & Corrupted Gauntlet
  3. Nightmare & Nex
  4. Inferno & Kiln

Exciting PvP

Fight in exciting player-vs-player matches to show your skills against your opponents.

  1. Revanent Caves w/ Maledictus
  2. PK Tournaments
  3. Wilderness Events
  4. Wildywyrm

Group Content

Partake in exciting group content like never before throughout the events found on Zeah:

  1. Boss Colosseum
  2. Dice, Duel & FP
  3. Custom Minigames (Zombies)
  4. World Bosses


Live Achievements

  • Genetics received an Abyssal head drop after slaying Abyssal demon (KC: 53934)
  • Erebus has looted Perk chest (T1) x 1 from a Daily challenge chest!
  • 5% Luck Boost Unlocked! 30 / 30 votes achieved! Time: 1 hour 35 minutes.
  • 5% Luck Boost reached 20 / 30 votes! ::vote to help activate it!
  • 5% Luck Boost reached 10 / 30 votes! ::vote to help activate it!
  • Silly Hands received an Abyssal whip drop after slaying Abyssal demon (KC: 476)
  • Saum has completed 10 Hard Treasure Trails!!
  • An evil tree has been spotted near Yanille!
  • Have you voted for Zeah today? If not, type ;;vote to do so!
  • Bankless received a Bandos gloves drop after slaying Sergeant Steelwill (KC: 125)
  • Genetics received an Abyssal dagger drop after slaying Abyssal demon (KC: 53752)
  • Arcadia received a Smouldering stone drop after slaying Cerberus (KC: 863)
  • Genetics received an Abyssal whip drop after slaying Abyssal demon (KC: 53703)
  • Milew has extended 25% Bonus Xp by 60 minutes. Time remaining: 1 hour 3 minutes!
  • Genetics received an Abyssal whip drop after slaying Abyssal demon (KC: 53675)

Official Events

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