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  5. My goal is to play on my skiller account while also playing on my main account (Fluffy). I want to reach 99 in all non-combat skills. And for this list i am not including the following skills: All combat skills Dungeoneering Slayer Summoning My current progress in skills is as follows on the day of 10th of March 2023: Agility: 75/99 Herblore 1/99 Thieving: 103/99 Crafting: 1/99 Fletching: 87/99 Hunter: 1/99 Runecrafting: 1/99 Construction: 1/99 Mining: 1/99 Smithing: 1/99 Fishing: 71/99 Cooking: 75/99 Firemaking: 89/99 Woodcutting: 99/99 Farming: 39/99
  6. Teres

    Hey all.

    Joined yesterday and am loving the style of the server so far. Wanted to say hello to those who use the forum as I'll be here instead of discord. Will see the rest of you on the server 😄
  7. As a public service announcement... We have chosen to migrate to only use discord for community communication alongside our wiki for guides, update logs, insights on development plans and much more. Forums were used as a staple in the years prior but have proven to not be a necessity these days and if anything, have become an inconvenience on the user. We will be replacing our forums with a link to our Wiki in the upcoming updates, we are currently working on our website backend to make changes and will shift to the new model in the weeks ahead. We will make an official announcement on our discord when the time comes, for now I will provide a little insight on our new system we have planned. - Players will use their in-game account information for all Zeah platforms if needed. - Voting will shift to an in-game interface, allowing easier access to vote on the account you want to. We have noticed some players have an issue with saved cookies on the forums, giving them votes on the wrong accounts. - Our Store will be shifting to in-game, leaving behind a bond/coin page used to redeem bonds ingame, prompting the customer to input an account name to send bonds to. Bonds will redeem coins directly, which can be used on our in-game store interface. - All existing players will be shifted to a legacy system; your emails will be saved to your ingame accounts and will act as a form of automatic account recovery. - All community activity such as updates, media, events, giveaways, suggestions, bug reports and overall communication will be handled on discord, feel free to come join us: https://discord.com/invite/Zeah
  8. 1 post my man???? 1???? 

  9. Bro can some1 help me i cant login changed my password for 10x


  10. Hello can I vote on my mobile then after waking up will I still be able to claim it? thanks
  11. Hello, I'd just like to extend my appreciation for what Xnl did to my bank. I thought I was somewhat organized but after receiving their bank cleaning service boy was I wrong! Truly a fast and super easy experience, a simple message on discord asking when they'd be available and minutes later, we were coming to an agreement about the service. Very fluent and clear on what you need to do before they hop on your account, very open to special accommodations (I asked if they could keep my pets in the order I had them in) was done no problem at all. Also, very communicative during the cleaning, asking if there's a certain way, you'd like x items. Was a super speedy process but the result looked like it should've taken hours! See the image for proof on just my herb tab alone! 10/10 HIGHLY recommend! Cheers 😄
  12. I am offering bank cleaning services. $10 bond per bank. I like to take my time and keep it as neat as possible, even hunting down niche items if I think it will add to the bank organization 🙂 I do not drop anything unless there is no room in the bank, everything I deem unnecessary goes into a final junk tab that you can drop/::e/do as you please 🙂 My only request is that prior to me going on the account, you change to a temp pass, and after I have finished, and there's nothing you'd like me to change, change the password after 🙂
  13. September 18th, 2022 Home Improvements: Created an Ironman home south of the Achievement Gallery. Here, Ironmen have accessible shops, a GIM vault, and the Ironman tutor. Commands ;;ironman, ;;gim, and ;;shops provide a teleport. Added a range to Piscarilius House. Added a team cape seller by the ditch at home. Added several minimap icons around home to indicate where shops are located. Moved Konar inside the center Shayzien tent alongside all other slayer masters. Cleaned up the southern Shayzien tent. Replaced revenant weapons from the blood money store with imbued god capes. Replaced Toxic Staff from the blood money store with a normal staff of the dead. Replaced the Abyssal Tentacle from the blood money store with a Kraken Tentacle. Added a looting bag to the blood money store. Added a few more items to certain shops throughout home. Moved Max to the Achievement Gallery and added a Completionist Cape Stand next to him. Beginner Quests: Added three new quests to help new players better understand the custom features of Zeah. Speak to * near the Teleport Nexus to begin. 'Into the Forge' - Players will be taught about all aspects of the Xeric's Forge. 'A Relic's Power' - A demonstration of what relics are, how to activate them, and the significance of their power. 'Long Road Ahead' - Explains the importance of achievements and what you can spend achievement points on. Quality of Life Changes: Included the current task streak when clicking the slayer assignment button in the quest tab. Lizards are no longer an assignable slayer task. Announced drops from Chambers of Xeric will print the player's total kill count. Removed randomization from clue teleports, causing bugs or unreachable locations. Sherlock will no longer disable clues. Players can reset their current step based on donator rank: - Non-donor: 20 hours - Silver: 12 hours - Gold: 6 hours - Platinum: 3 hours - Xerician: 1.5 hours - Elder: 45 minutes - Ancestral: 20 minutes - Twisted: 1 minute Zaryte Crossbow can now be used to complete the elite task "Nihil to see here..." Redesigned the quest tab. Silver relics will now be automatically activated after purchase. Players can teleport out of the wilderness with the home teleport when out of combat with another player. Added the ability to search by achievement description. When completing an achievement, the achievement description will also print. Message spam from charged shields is now filterable. Removed custom graphics when charging a Sanguinesti Staff. Improved the Nightmare's drop table. 1/20 chance to hit the armor table (1/100 for individual item), 1/75 chance to hit orb table (1/225 for individual item). Zaryte Crossbow now has a 15% chance for enchanted bolts to proc their special attack, while others crossbows have a 10% chance. Lowered the 'Overcharged Guardian' task to complete 150 games of Guardians of the Rift. After a Stealing Creations game concludes, removed the extra right click options on players who participated. Volatile XP tools buffed to hold 100k xp. Sacred XP tools buffed to hold 50k xp. Stealing Creations games only require 2 players on each team to begin. Trees will now provide more roots when being dug up. Avernic rate changed from 42% chance if purple to 31%. Changed rapier and Sanguinesti Staff from 10% chance to 15% chance. Added the new OSRS bone skeleton and animation system that was released with Tomb of Amascut and texture rendering. Added a mind shield spawn to the Elemental Workshop. Fixed a bug allowing players to continue to woodcut an evil tree once a new one had already spawned. Implemented account management interface. Swapped the general store to the Wise Old Man. Changed "Respect your elders" task to "Self care". Added Beginner tasks (All Registered & Tighter than Gringots) for registering email and setting a bank pin. Bug Fixes: Bank refreshes when loot collector adds items, when a player has the bank interface open they will see the items being added live, while the relic is active. Fixed a typo when creating a Dragon Square Shield. Wrath runes now properly require level 95 Runecrafting. Fixed description for Double Cast relic. Fixed an incorrect ID for Frost Dragon Bones in the Slayer Resource Crate. Fixed the XP rewarded for creating a Geyser Titan Pouch. Fixed attuned energy message at the end of a Guardians of the Rift game. Removed random spam from Vet'ion kills. Tasks regarding effigies will now progress properly. An open looting bag will now accept noted items when looted from the ground. Royal Crossbow is now able to be created when combining the three pieces. Ultimate Ironmen can no longer access Deposit Pools in Guardians of the Rift. Presets will now ignore auras, fixes the bug of auras being deleted. Fixed an issue when players try to access the Dominion Tower exit doorway. Added a generic shop for bartenders. 'Perfect Performance' task is now completed when completing a Theatre of Blood run without dying. Endless Harvest relic will no longer bank kindling in Chambers of Xeric. Limited the activation of the Last Recall relic to the home area. This fixes multiple bugs. Birds nests will no longer spawn on players heads when cutting Redwood Trees. Gauntlet Portal in Donator Zone will correctly open the teleport hub interface. Fixed a typo regarding the Shayzien passive benefit in the House selection interface. Fixed all entries to GWD boss rooms. Fixed a bug where if an axe was equipped that has a chance to burn logs, but was not being used to Woodcut, it would still proc the log burning. Players can now use steel bars on the Lovakite Furnace to create cannonballs. Players can no longer kill Thermonuclear Smoke Devil off task. House auras base recharge time reduced to 3.5 hours from 24 hours. Corrected stats of Climbing Boots. Players will now start off with their house aura. Having the shooting star buff as well as endless harvest active will no longer add extra items mined into the players inventory. Closing the rune pouch will no longer null clicks in the prayer book. A piece of gear will now drop from killing any boss within dungeoneering.
  14. Hey everyone! Glad to have found this server, am quite new here and i have always found the idea of a Leagues version of OSRS interesting, so i am going to be enjoying my time here for sure! Quick info about me: I am Dutch Languages i speak: Dutch, English, German is being learned, Polish is to follow Am a student Been playing RSPS on and off for a couple of years (Old Ikov days) Am in a relationship, so can't be online all the time. Any questions about me are always welcome. And hope to chat with y'all on the server
  15. Seems like new plugins havent been added to the mac client
  16. August 25th, 2022 Client Updates: Scrolling on an active interface will no longer adjust zoom level. Implemented key remapping and camera key remapping (WASD camera movement). Fixed a client bug where many plugins would still draw while disabled. Inventory tags are no longer configurable while disabled. Fixed a bug caused by a prior update that made Dark Mode stop working. Combined the NPC and Player Entity hiders into an Entity Hider plugin. The new features include: Hide pets, hide self, hide projectiles, and hide dead NPCs. Fixed loading ground items plugin and added an outline configuration (draws rectangle ground item text). Added OpponentInfoPlugin that includes hitpoints display style, percentage display style, and percentage and HP style. Added a configuration to disable opponents name in infobox. Added NPCIndicatorsPlugin that fixed highlighting tiles and drawing names above head configs, added highlight south west tile. New Features: Disabled the ability to mine gems if the endless harvest relic is active. Added dialogue options to collect or open URL in ;;vote and ;;donate commands. Implemented slayer task tokens to set your desired task to the max size * 25%. Added aura refresh tokens. Added house transfer tokens. Reworked the Vote Shop to include a larger variety of items and balanced prices. Added noted overload flasks as a Chambers of Xeric reward. Added a check for if collection log slots have already been filled before sending a world message. Added an MVP system to Commander Zilyana. Added an MVP system to Commander K'ril Tsutsaroth. Added an MVP system to Commander Kree'Arra. Added an MVP system to Commander General Graardor. If an event is active, added a message to the MVP if the NPC killed is apart of the MVP system. Buffed the number of kindlings received from saplings in Chambers of Xeric. Replaced the Duel Arena map with OSRS's new Emir's Arena. Added a display to the relic panel that displays relic activation time. This is able to be seen prior to relic purchase / activation. Added a right click "lookup" option to players that includes their all time, monthly, and weekly stats, boss counters, and clue scroll completions. Added a variety of new chat commands: - !gotr - !cox (prints normal and challenge mode) - !clues (prints all tiers) - !kc tob, theatre - !kc nm, nightmare - !kc inferno - !kc kiln - !kc gauntlet, cg (future use) - !lvl hp, fm, rc, dg, wc, mage Bug Fixes: Aura timers will no longer be reset when loading a preset. Fixed messaging when disassembling an Avernic Defender. Fixed certain trees near Barbarian Village having an incorrect stump ID. Fixed the incorrect number of Zulrah's Scales being consumed when making Anti-venom potions. Fixed a missing ID for the Sanguine Scythe of Vitur not applying the Scythe attack. Players can now charge the Sanguine Staff. Holy Sanguinesti staff now properly decrement charges and cast its built-in spell. Fixed an error preventing Guardians of the Rift games from starting. When sacrificing an item to the Xeric's Forge, immediately clicking 'sacrifice' again will no longer produce a null prompt. Lieve McCracken will now correctly exchange an Uncharged Trident of the Seas or Swamp and 10 kraken tentacles for the Enhanced versions. Certain prayers are no longer able to be activated without the correct prayer level. Fixed the Theatre of Blood completion counter in the Collection Log. Players can no longer cast vengeance while vengeance is already active. Reworked Chambers of Xeric reward rolling to be less random. Greater points = greater chance of purple. Chambers of Xerics and clue scroll counters will now register on the highscores after completion. Corrected the Chambers of Xeric interface to correctly display current points. Changed fire spirit text colors to align with other drops. Fixed the Fight Arena Pub clue scroll step. Removed the Third-age mage hat from Christmas Crackers. Added correct item ID for purple sweets effect to be applied for items rewarded from clue scrolls. Fixed the announcement when receiving Professor Chaos from Larran's Big Chest. Added progress to clue scroll tasks. Also added tasks for beginner and master clues. Nex public instances will no longer spawn a new Nex when players leave. Coming Soon...
  17. This is the update i was waiting for
  18. IM SO EXCITED FOR THE CLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. August 2nd, 2022 Greetings Zeah, We are proud to kick off the month of August with an update covering the full clue scroll rework, refreshed new player tutorials, improved donator benefits along with a variety of quality of life and bug fixes. Clue Scroll Overhaul: Clue Scrolls have been fully redone to match OSRS! These include Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master Clues, along with a rework to our Mimic Boss making it overall more rewarding! All clue scrolls have been programmed to follow the minimum amount of steps from OSRS, with our relic further reducing them. Added the ability for players to teleport directly to their clue scroll locations, this is limited and increases with donator rank per day. Added all Ornament kits from OSRS along with functionality and proper stats. Fixed a variety of cosmetic rewards in terms of clipping, please report any issues with further items to us to get them adjusted! Built a custom in-house clue plugin that gives you an insight on where you have to go for your clue, the items you need and even highlights key locations to dig! Took the liberty of leaving out annoying clue steps such as light boxes and puzzles to allow for quick clue completions. Donator Zone Additions: Cleaned up all sections and added easier banking access throughout all the zones. The upper-level Mining section has gotten an expansion and now features a red sandstone mine along with robust glass machines. Rocks have been slightly adjusted to offer better banking options nearby. The upper-level Hunter section now has all four fossil island birdhouse spots; these are not extras but just save you time for your birdhouse runs. The upper-level Farming section has gotten an expansion to feature a mini-Zeah RC zone. This includes a private dense essence mine, blood altar, soul altar, and wrath altar. Wrath runes can be crafted using dark essence fragments at a cost of 2 fragments per rune. Raid Ornament Kits: Replaced the Dragon Claws drop on the Chambers of Xeric's drop table with Twisted Ancestral Ornament Kits. Since Ancestral was outclassed by pre-eoc gear we decided to add a custom buff to Twisted Ancestral gear. This is now the best in slot magic gear, instead of nerfing Virtus to make Ancestral fit, we think this is a much more immersive solution. You can see the stats below! Added the Holy and Sanguine Ornament Kits to TOB Completions at a rate of 1/100 for either, similar to OSRS. OSRS only made a Holy Rapier and Sanguinesti Staff, while allowing both a Sanguine Ornament Kit and Holy Ornament Kit on the Scythe. We figured it would be cool to fill in the gaps and made a custom Sanguine Ghrazi Rapier and Sangine Staff. When used with a Ghrazi Rapier, Sanguinesti Staff, or Scythe of Vitur, these will create the holy/sanguine variant which offer a slight accuracy increase. These are experimental features and our way of fitting best in slot OSRS to be our best in slot too. We hope you enjoy this approach as opposed to reducing the utility of some Pre-Eoc items like we have done in the past. Miscellaneous Additions / Bug Fixes: Implemented a complete guide book to the quest tab "Guide Directory" button. This will contain in-depth tutorials of the major pieces of content on Zeah. Black Masks and other partial face covering items will no longer make the player's head invisible. Fixed searching and examining NPCs for their drop tables. The task "Great Performance" is now completable. Adjusted the task "Verzik Vitur's Formal Invitation" to progress when opening the notice board. Tasks that require X amount of boss kills are now properly tracked. Added ;;kcprogress, ;;kcprog, ;;kcp commands to allow players to check progress for these tasks. Closing the Wishing Well's interface without putting a donation amount will no longer take GP while trading or using the Grand Exchange. Removed the music tasks requiring more than 200 tracks to complete. Fixed cumulative tasks for each task difficulty tier required for Completionist Cape. Implemented Completionist Cape dialogue when interacting with the Mysterious Cape in Varrock Museum third floor. Added Nihil Shards to the Zaros GWD minions drop table. Players can no longer mine additional guardian fragments one action at a time if more than 300 are currently in their inventory. Fixed a bug allowing players to enter the Mage Bank through the back wall of the building. Fixed incorrect Frost Dragon IDs in certain drop tables. Using the Xeric's Elixir at home will no longer reset potion timers. Twisted slayer helm can now be worn without needing to unlock the slayer reward to create a slayer helm. Guardian's health will now reset between games of Gaurdians of the Rift. Added a donator perk that allows players to receive a later starting wave in the Inferno: Adjusted a donator perk that increases the likelihood of receiving noted skilling supplies: Adjusted the donator perk that lowers GWD kill count requirements: Adjusted the donator perk that extends potion timers: Adjusted a donator perk that increases cannonballs smelted per action: Adjusted a donator perk for Plantinum+ donators granting the ability to teleport to slayer task. Right click any slayer master and choose teleport or right click your assignment in the quest tab to teleport. Adjusted a donator perk for Elder+ donators granting the ability to restore their special attack from the Xeric's Elixirs at home. Players who do not have Elder+ donator will no longer have their special attack restored. Added a donator perk that increases Coal Bag capacity: Added a donator perk that reduces the cooldown of Last Recall: Added a donator perk for Platinum+ donators to chisel all dark essence in one action (replaces production master). Added a donator perk that increases luck %: Added a donator perk for Elder+ donators to mine potion flasks instead of red sandstone. Added a donator perk for Elder+ donators to auto bank slayer resource crates, brimstone keys, and larran's keys. Added a donator perk that reduces aura cooldowns: The shooting star message and 'prospect' shooting star option will now display correct star size. Message received after slayer task completion will now show the proper number of rewarded points. The Nightmare's common and uncommon loot tables have been adjusted to be more rewarding. Over the last 2 weeks we have patched over numerous memory leaks and other stability issues. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this caused, you can rest assured knowing that you will be experiencing smoother performance here on out from both the client and server side.
  20. ty for the updates and the extra information 🙂
  21. Nice job man! If you're interested in making any more guides for skilling / bossing feel free to hit up the wiki @ https://wiki.zeah.gg/w/index.php/Main_Page. I'll reward you a gold relic token and 5m gp cash for every guide you (or any others reading this) decide to complete. Rewarded articles include the bossing / skilling ones that are not done, listed on the home page. Great work! Edit: If you need any assistance / questions on wiki editing let me know, as well as if you'd like to be added to the wiki editing team.
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