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Zeah Development Q&A


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Welcome to Zeah's first Development Q&A! We would like to thank the community for all of the questions submitted over the past week. We received over 40 submissions, but for this first session we had to pick 15 of the best to answer. 

Development Team:

- Zio (Owner)

- Simplex (Owner / Lead Developer)

- Redhat


1. Q (Lmaka): @Zio Would you look at adding warbands into the server? It's a great way to get XP in skills that can be slightly more annoying i.e. herblore for Ironed accounts. It would also maybe promote a little more wilderness/PvP activity if anyone is interested in that.


1. A (Zio): We would definitely be down to make a form of warbands or a spin off of it in the future to stir up some interesting wilderness activity if the community sees fit. It would have to be heavily discussed and tested to ensure it properly fits in but we would like to if the server expands and shows interest towards it. I believe something like this would be worth polling.


2. Q (Mussolini): @Zio Do you plan to open an EU server? With a linked friends chat, would be awesome!


2. A (Zio): We would only consider having an EU server if the player base qualified for it. At the current standing it would split our already small community and we would rather not do that until we grow to a few hundred on at once. We have been working on adjustments for people with high ping.


3. Q (Agora): @Zio What is the ultimate goal of Zeah’s average player count & advertising?


3. A (Zio): As it stands we have been advertising via toplists & premium slots, google ads, and few youtubers. With the coming weeks/months as we improve the stability of the server and overall framework of it. It is a little challenging to answer this question because our advertisement capacity really comes from the funding the server receives via donations, minus necessity development expenses. Our model as it stands keeps the game feeling rewarding for putting in the time, however it does depend on our player base and its size. We are approaching the 3 month mark, I would say you should expect us to grow from here on out overtime but a surge will require significant funding which hopefully will come with time and good development. We would like nothing more than to grow as time goes on, and are constantly thinking of ways we can achieve that via updates and new additions.


4. Q (Soulgazer): @Zio Thoughts on a NA vs EU competition? Castle Wars, Group Ironman 5v5, etc? Winner (based on account creation MAC - IPs so no VPN horseplay) wins something for their region?


4. A (Zio): Could be fun, would like to see a revival of castle wars or events similar to team vs team. However would be hard to organize and probably would require a bigger community in order to guarantee we have enough participants from both sides.


5. Q (Soulgazer): @Mortem What has been your most & least favorite parts of the Java learning curve? Do you feel like Zeah development has greatly enhanced your grasp of programming?


5. A (Mortem): Well I have learned most of what I know about Java entirely from working on Zeah. I have always been interested in programming, but without an end goal in mind I always lost interest. Learning new skills and aspects of Java as I develop different parts of the game have given me the purpose I needed to actually put in the time and learn a programming language. Along with that, my least favorite part of the Java learning curve is when I come across a problem and I just can't wrap my head around a solution. These situations, no matter how frustration they may be, are learning moments for me. Its an opportunity for me to do research and learn something new or seek advice from Redhat or Simplex. Once I find the solution to that problem, and see what I have been working on actually functioning in game, that is by far the greatest feeling and my favorite part of this process.


6. Q (Soulgazer): @Simplex What is your diagnosis of the current state of Magic Accuracy? Does it look like a challenging solution?


6. A (Simplex): Our formula was pointed to defense rather than magic level for accuracy checks. It should be fixed now.


7. Q (Soulgazer): @ZioWhen we will see the implementation of an official Price Guide? Price manipulation has ramped up in previous weeks.


7. A (Zio): For this I would need a well trusted group of community members managing it. I do not want to dictate the price of items nor do I believe we are in a valid position to since Simplex and I do not actively partake in the economy. I think with in a few weeks prices should settle and we should start seeing an estimated ball parking of all items. Could organize a team to gather and maintain the data.


8. Q (Scumboy): @Zio How do you plan on creating a system in which power creep isn't an insanely overpowered issue, currently the best things in the game are obviously the t-bow and soon to be the scythe, but after that content is finished and you look to work on further content, how do you create weapons that wont make the mid level content easily farmable and have the high level players holding that entire economy?


8. A (Zio): As more updates come power creep is inevitable. Oldschool and RS3 alike face it all the time despite trying to maintain it. The real way of combating this is to work on harder content which requires end tier account progression, but make it also require items throughout the lower tiers to obtain. Take torva for instance on osrs and how it requires a piece of bandos to create. The economy is structured as it stands to reward the players who put in the most time bossing, and we look to keep it that way even with future updates and more challenging bosses. 


9. Q (Scumboy): @Zio When adding new content, and having an approach to release something new and engaging, how do you balance the reward system so that you know that A: There wont be a part of said content that is easily exploitable or unbalanced, And B: make it so that it is engaging and challenging enough for the tier that you want to direct it to.


9. A (Zio): We try to release content that is fairly balanced and sometimes on the lower end of the scale at release. For example with the recent GOTR update we made the rewards rather lacking at first in quantity but then buffed them after hearing player feedback. We try to stick to the live game then add the layer of rsps to it on top rather than just making up drops on our own to keep things rather balanced. We haven't encountered making custom bossing content yet but I would assume that we would tackle niche weapons / types along with more "flex" items rather than ones that destroy the game. The core of Zeah wants to be as close to the live game as possible, however we add relics and other features that give it the rsps feel and lower the difficulty level of end game content. Of course we are not perfect, but we look to getting as close to being there as we can over the coming years.


10. Q (Scumboy): @Zio Is there plans for new relics in the future, and if so is there any that you currently have in mind?


10. A (Zio): Yes we will be including new relics overtime. If I had to guess they will come from community suggestions + future leagues as we already had requests for several of them featured in OSRS's shattered relics. We're also looking to explore an idea with pet perks similar to lower tier relics from future leagues if it seems suiting. Ideas up in the air for now, but off the top of my head I would have to say yes we probably will be adding relics as time goes on considering we even have a draft up of house specific relics that have been vaulted for now.


11. Q (Bobman): @Redhat What time frame can you give us on the slayer interface rework, and can you give us any information on the rumored slayer shop rework, and what it may have in store for our hard earned points?


11. A (Mortem for Redhat (currently out of town)): The slayer rework is Redhat's next big under taking. When I say big, I mean it. There a lot under currently which needs cleaned up and alot of the perks and rewards we want to implement will take even more time, so I don't want to attach a specific time when it will be released while Redhat is out of town. Some aspects of the slayer rework you can look forward to are favoriting tasks, new cluster tasks (I.e. Metal dragons instead of 5 different metal dragon tasks), boss slayer tasks, implementing all of the osrs perk unlocks plus a couple custom ones of our own, and a better fleshed out store featuring slayer gear such as fighter torso and shayzien armour. We are open to suggestions for features players would like to see in this update. Just mention your ideas to a staff member and they can add it to our tracker. 


12. Q (200m): @Zio Is there a possibility that we will get a roadmap of updates? For instance, Slayer rework in June, Theatre of Blood in July, Clue Scroll revamp in August, etc.


12. A (Zio): Yes we would be interested in working out a roadmap. Will try and come up with a schedule for the coming months during the week and see if we can get one drafted up. Would be nice to inform the community of the things we are looking to bring in the near future.


13. Q (Vilhelm): @Zio Will there be player examine for stats?


13. A (Zio): I have built a similar interface to that found on RS3, we will be working on that system in the future to allow you to examine players for their gear, achievements, stats, and clan etc.


14. Q (Cliff): @Zio Could you discuss the team’s work on core Zeah features such as the house system? Are some still being designed and do you have an estimated release date?


14. A (Zio): A lot of the management team is involved in the process behind Zeah's unique features. We all share different creative ideas and together are able to formulate concepts that lead to unique updates. For example the achievement system was created by us after Nick and I enjoyed taking part in the trailblazer's league, we knew we wanted an achievement point rewards system that will then translate into relics. Nick put together the task list, Redhat programmed each one individually (busted his ass tbh), while I put together the interface structure etc. The original house system was originally designed by Mortem to be a competitive based "minigame" that took place on Zeah every few weeks but due to time constraints to launch the server these features will have to come as an expansion in the future. For what we have now, Simplex made the functionality behind it, along with the perks while I put together the interfaces. We want to adding daily / weekly tasks to them, and a track reward system along with showcasing individual achievements in that house. No estimated release date as of yet, but we are always cooking up ideas and working on flushing them out in the back.


15. Q (Cliff): @Zio What is your long term vision for this server content-wise? Do you envision adding RS3 bosses and custom end-game content (such as what’s been teased on discord)?


15. A (Zio):  We are looking to catch up to date with OSRS along with expanding the variety of activities on the server as time comes. This includes the gauntlet, TOB, LMS, upcoming TOA and other minigames from OSRS along with custom content such as world bosses. We have a draft up idea of a group galvek boss, but it isn't time to work on that just yet. We are open to the idea of taking rs3 elements, for those aware a lot of our interfaces stem from ideas on rs3, but are looking to keep the balance civil. It does have some niche items that could be remade in the form of osrs, after all thats what the actual live game does (Nightmare came from Nex AOD, Zenytes from Hydrixs, Kiln and inferno, etc the list goes on). 

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