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Vorkath by Wisam


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In this guide you will be shown range fight  you need to  know about the Vorkath boss in Zeah, including location, the fight itself and possible drops!




The Vorkath teleport can be found by opening Zeah teleportation nesus and heading to PVM page 3> Vorkath.

Once you arrive at the Vorkath teleport you will need to "Climb-over Ice Chunks" in order to teleport into the instance and fight Vorkath.



Inventory/Gear Setup:

Range Setup:image.png.cd5333647680f0895ec1a18bb57a2a58.pngimage.png.b11eb1fe885d98c360458c7864d5e1de.png

The example above shows a high tier range setup



Twisted Bow > Dragon Hunter Crossbow > Blowpipe > Rune Crossbow > Magic Shortbow


Slayer Helm (i) if on task > Full Armadyl/Full Karils/Full Elite void


Salve Amulet (Salve Amulet deals more damage to Undead Monsters - please note it does not stack with a Slayer Helm so only use off task) > Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of glory


Pegasian Boots > Ranger boots


 Range Max Cape > Range Skillcape > Ava's Assembler > Ava's Accumulator


Similar to the Melee setup here you can use an Archers Ring (i) as best in slot and then switch to a Ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) before the kill is finished


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Great simple guide overall, but a couple of points that I think should be mentioned. -

    - Blowpipe with the Quickshot relic gets you by far the fastest kills, of course, with the added cost of the relic.

    - If you are an ironman and do not have a blowpipe yet, or you cannot afford one, definitely get on the Dung grind. Chaotic crossbow is a nice upgrade over the rune crossbow, as well as the Mercenary's gloves over barrows gloves.


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Thank for the reply

if u look up on the setup weapon. i did say blowpipe better but not many can afford it or luck to get it at low kc

and the Quickshot relic buff they have a guide about it .the dung weapon i dont know anything about it sorry for that this was simple guide how to kill it 

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  • Administrator

Nice job man! If you're interested in making any more guides for skilling / bossing feel free to hit up the wiki @ https://wiki.zeah.gg/w/index.php/Main_Page. I'll reward you a gold relic token and 5m gp cash for every guide you (or any others reading this) decide to complete. Rewarded articles include the bossing / skilling ones that are not done, listed on the home page. Great work!


Edit: If you need any assistance / questions on wiki editing let me know, as well as if you'd like to be added to the wiki editing team.

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