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Zeah Update Log: September 18th, 2022


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September 18th, 2022


Home Improvements:

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Created an Ironman home south of the Achievement Gallery. Here, Ironmen have accessible shops, a GIM vault, and the Ironman tutor. Commands ;;ironman, ;;gim, and ;;shops provide a teleport.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added a range to Piscarilius House.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added a team cape seller by the ditch at home.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added several minimap icons around home to indicate where shops are located.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Moved Konar inside the center Shayzien tent alongside all other slayer masters. Cleaned up the southern Shayzien tent.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Replaced revenant weapons from the blood money store with imbued god capes.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Replaced Toxic Staff from the blood money store with a normal staff of the dead.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Replaced the Abyssal Tentacle from the blood money store with a Kraken Tentacle.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added a looting bag to the blood money store.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added a few more items to certain shops throughout home.
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Moved Max to the Achievement Gallery and added a Completionist Cape Stand next to him.



Ironman Hub:



Max and Completionist Cape Stand:



Blood Money Shop:



Beginner Quests:
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added three new quests to help new players better understand the custom features of Zeah. Speak to * near the Teleport Nexus to begin.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png 'Into the Forge' - Players will be taught about all aspects of the Xeric's Forge.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png 'A Relic's Power' - A demonstration of what relics are, how to activate them, and the significance of their power.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png 'Long Road Ahead' - Explains the importance of achievements and what you can spend achievement points on.


Quest Tab:

Quest Options (speak to Lumbridge Guide):





Quality of Life Changes:
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Included the current task streak when clicking the slayer assignment button in the quest tab.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Lizards are no longer an assignable slayer task.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Announced drops from Chambers of Xeric will print the player's total kill count.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Removed randomization from clue teleports, causing bugs or unreachable locations.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Sherlock will no longer disable clues. Players can reset their current step based on donator rank:

- Non-donor: 20 hours

- Silver: 12 hours

- Gold: 6 hours

- Platinum: 3 hours

- Xerician: 1.5 hours

- Elder: 45 minutes

- Ancestral: 20 minutes

- Twisted: 1 minute

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Zaryte Crossbow can now be used to complete the elite task "Nihil to see here..."

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Redesigned the quest tab.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Silver relics will now be automatically activated after purchase.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Players can teleport out of the wilderness with the home teleport when out of combat with another player.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added the ability to search by achievement description.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png When completing an achievement, the achievement description will also print.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Message spam from charged shields is now filterable.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Removed custom graphics when charging a Sanguinesti Staff.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Improved the Nightmare's drop table. 1/20 chance to hit the armor table (1/100 for individual item), 1/75 chance to hit orb table (1/225 for individual item).

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Zaryte Crossbow now has a 15% chance for enchanted bolts to proc their special attack, while others crossbows have a 10% chance.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Lowered the 'Overcharged Guardian' task to complete 150 games of Guardians of the Rift.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png After a Stealing Creations game concludes, removed the extra right click options on players who participated.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Volatile XP tools buffed to hold 100k xp.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Sacred XP tools buffed to hold 50k xp.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Stealing Creations games only require 2 players on each team to begin.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Trees will now provide more roots when being dug up.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Avernic rate changed from 42% chance if purple to 31%. Changed rapier and Sanguinesti Staff from 10% chance to 15% chance.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added the new OSRS bone skeleton and animation system that was released with Tomb of Amascut and texture rendering.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added a mind shield spawn to the Elemental Workshop.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed a bug allowing players to continue to woodcut an evil tree once a new one had already spawned.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Implemented account management interface.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Swapped the general store to the Wise Old Man.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Changed "Respect your elders" task to "Self care".

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added Beginner tasks (All Registered & Tighter than Gringots) for registering email and setting a bank pin.



Quest Tab Revamp:











Nightmare Drop Table:




Bug Fixes:
842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Bank refreshes when loot collector adds items, when a player has the bank interface open they will see the items being added live, while the relic is active.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed a typo when creating a Dragon Square Shield.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Wrath runes now properly require level 95 Runecrafting.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed description for Double Cast relic.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed an incorrect ID for Frost Dragon Bones in the Slayer Resource Crate. 

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed the XP rewarded for creating a Geyser Titan Pouch.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed attuned energy message at the end of a Guardians of the Rift game.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Removed random spam from Vet'ion kills.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Tasks regarding effigies will now progress properly.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png An open looting bag will now accept noted items when looted from the ground.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Royal Crossbow is now able to be created when combining the three pieces.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Ultimate Ironmen can no longer access Deposit Pools in Guardians of the Rift.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Presets will now ignore auras, fixes the bug of auras being deleted.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed an issue when players try to access the Dominion Tower exit doorway.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Added a generic shop for bartenders.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png 'Perfect Performance' task is now completed when completing a Theatre of Blood run without dying.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Endless Harvest relic will no longer bank kindling in Chambers of Xeric.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Limited the activation of the Last Recall relic to the home area. This fixes multiple bugs.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Birds nests will no longer spawn on players heads when cutting Redwood Trees.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Gauntlet Portal in Donator Zone will correctly open the teleport hub interface.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed a typo regarding the Shayzien passive benefit in the House selection interface.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed all entries to GWD boss rooms.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Fixed a bug where if an axe was equipped that has a chance to burn logs, but was not being used to Woodcut, it would still proc the log burning.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Players can now use steel bars on the Lovakite Furnace to create cannonballs.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Players can no longer kill Thermonuclear Smoke Devil off task.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png House auras base recharge time reduced to 3.5 hours from 24 hours.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Corrected stats of Climbing Boots.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Players will now start off with their house aura.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Having the shooting star buff as well as endless harvest active will no longer add extra items mined into the players inventory.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png Closing the rune pouch will no longer null clicks in the prayer book.

842599031_Bullet_Arrow_50.png.2afdc39930129981a60ee4d8ead9ab12.png A piece of gear will now drop from killing any boss within dungeoneering.



Completable Effigy tasks and task description upon completion:



Noted items to open Looting Bag:



Royal Crossbow Creation:



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