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xnl Bank cleaning services.


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I am offering bank cleaning services.

$10 bond per bank.

I like to take my time and keep it as neat as possible, even hunting down niche items if I think it will add to the bank organization 🙂
I do not drop anything unless there is no room in the bank, everything I deem unnecessary goes into a final junk tab that you can drop/::e/do as you please 🙂


My only request is that prior to me going on the account, you change to a temp pass, and after I have finished, and there's nothing you'd like me to change, change the password after 🙂


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Hello, I'd just like to extend my appreciation for what Xnl did to my bank. I thought I was somewhat organized but after receiving their bank cleaning service boy was I wrong! Truly a fast and super easy experience, a simple message on discord asking when they'd be available and minutes later, we were coming to an agreement about the service. Very fluent and clear on what you need to do before they hop on your account, very open to special accommodations (I asked if they could keep my pets in the order I had them in) was done no problem at all. Also, very communicative during the cleaning, asking if there's a certain way, you'd like x items. Was a super speedy process but the result looked like it should've taken hours! See the image for proof on just my herb tab alone! 10/10 HIGHLY recommend! Cheers 😄image.png.05bf375f15c16c3350639dd981436c1b.png

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