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As a public service announcement... We have chosen to migrate to only use discord for community communication alongside our wiki for guides, update logs, insights on development plans and much more.  Forums were used as a staple in the years prior but have proven to not be a necessity these days and if anything, have become an inconvenience on the user. 


We will be replacing our forums with a link to our Wiki in the upcoming updates, we are currently working on our website backend to make changes and will shift to the new model in the weeks ahead. We will make an official announcement on our discord when the time comes, for now I will provide a little insight on our new system we have planned.


- Players will use their in-game account information for all Zeah platforms if needed.

- Voting will shift to an in-game interface, allowing easier access to vote on the account you want to. We have noticed some players have an issue with saved cookies on the forums, giving them votes on the wrong accounts.

- Our Store will be shifting to in-game, leaving behind a bond/coin page used to redeem bonds ingame, prompting the customer to input an account name to send bonds to. Bonds will redeem coins directly, which can be used on our in-game store interface.

- All existing players will be shifted to a legacy system; your emails will be saved to your ingame accounts and will act as a form of automatic account recovery.

- All community activity such as updates, media, events, giveaways, suggestions, bug reports and overall communication will be handled on discord, feel free to come join us: https://discord.com/invite/Zeah

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