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Welcome to the Official Rules of Zeah. 

These are rules that every player is expected to follow.

These rules are dynamic, and subject to change when Management deems they need revision.

Listed for your convenience is a shorter version that takes one-minute maximum to read.

Feel free to reach out to our Support Staff for questions regarding our rules.

We aim to be consistent and transparent in all things.














Communication Player Trust Gambling & PvP Game Integrity
Respectful Communication is Required. Scamming on Zeah is Prohibited. Offering Misleading Prices is Prohibited. Bugs must be reported upon Discovery.
Offensive Account Names are Prohibited. Misleading Links are Prohibited. Gambling another players item is Prohibited. 4+ Accounts on 1 PC is Prohibited.
Spamming on Zeah is Prohibited. Hacking or DDOS are Prohibited. Dicing must Conform to our Standards. Use of Non-1:1 Assistance is Prohibited.
Advertising other RSPS is Prohibited. No Exchange of External Currencies. Luring on Zeah is Prohibited. Staff Members have the Final Word.
Reference to Popular Sites is Acceptable. You assume Liability for Services PvP Farming on Zeah is Prohibited. Donations are Final and Non-Refundable.
  You assume Liability for Trust Trading. Skull Tricking on Zeah is Prohibited.  



In-Game Rules: Elaborated


1. Communication on Zeah 


A. Respectful Communication is Required. 
    This includes Public Chat, PM’s, Friends Chats (FC’s), and Clan Chats (CC’s). 
    Disrespectful conduct (hate speech, harassment, slurs, etc.) will not be tolerated. 
    Some friendly banter is allowed but should be kept to a minimum. 
    Punishment may include muting or a ban depending on severity.
B. Inappropriate Account Names are Prohibited.
    Names that contain inappropriate/disrespectful language or symbolism are strictly Prohibited. 
    Accounts made with these names will be forced for a name change or a ban.
    Use common sense when deciding upon a display name or ask a Support Staff member if unsure.
C. Spamming on Zeah is Prohibited. 
    If you are selling an item, or just simply announcing anything, limit it to three messages at most. 
    Spamming will result in a mute anywhere from 1 (one) hour to a permanent mute.
    The length of this punishment depends on the player’s history and extent of spamming.

 2. Advertising on Zeah 


A. Advertising other RSPS is Prohibited.
    Specifically, advertisement of a direct competitor to Zeah is strictly Prohibited.
    This will decisively result in a permanent ban — without the chance of appeal.
B. Reference to Popular Platforms is Acceptable.
    Youtube, Wikipedia, or anything along those lines is fine to post and permitted. 
    If you question whether or not you are allowed to reference, contact Support Staff for clarification.


3. Misleading Links, Hacking, or DDOS Threats on Zeah


A. Misleading Links are Prohibited.
    Misleading links, directed at our players, are not allowed on our Forums, Discord, or any platform. 
    Posting phishing links of any kind, regardless of the reason, will result in an instant IP-ban.
    If management deems your link as malicious, this will be deemed non-appealable.
B. Hacking or DDOS are Prohibited.
    Hacking or DDOS Threats, with clear intention to do so, is never permitted.
    If you are threatening someone with these, you will be permanently muted if the action is severe. 
    To reiterate: We take these kinds of threats very seriously and this behavior will not be tolerated.
    We have skilled members within the management team with the ability to audit these threats.
    * Reminder: If you have been sent a suspicious link, contact our Support Staff immediately!
    Do NOT click on any link that you feel may be suspicious; you are probably correct about it.


4. Real World Trading (RWT) on Zeah


A. Exchange of External Currencies is Prohibited.
    You are not allowed to trade ANY means of currency across other games in exchange for Zeah items. 
    We strive to have a fair experience for everyone, and this rule is an effort to enforce that.
    Management scans for this every other day to ensure no one is breaking this rule. 
    Management also scans known black market forums (sythe.org, etc) for these transactions.
    * Fair warning: That “GP seller” could be a staff member undercover. It’s not worth it to try.

5. In-Game Services and Trading on Zeah


A. You assume Liability for Services Purchased.
    If you buy a service from another player in exchange for Zeah GP, you are doing so at your own risk.
    Staff members will only take action on a suspected scammer if there is evidence to support the claim. 
    It is heavily advised to buy services from very trusted members or staff members for this reason.
B. You assume Liability for Trust Trading.
    Trading an item in the form of a trust trade, loan, or future payment method is done at your own risk. 
    Staff members will not intervene unless deceptive behavior was used to scam the other party. 
    Both parties should trust one another or use a staff member as a middleman to minimize risk. 
    Future payment on items/loans is to have a date and amount of payment which both parties agree to. 
    Failure to do so will involve administrative intervention with both parties left punished.  


6. Scamming and Gambling on Zeah


A. Scamming on Zeah is Prohibited.
    If you take on a gamble and lose the bet, then you must pay the winner in full.
    Failure to do so will result in discipline, that could include, but not limited to:
    The removal of the scammed item, a ban from gambling, or perhaps a ban of varying duration.
    * Know that Management has “the receipts” and has the tools to trace who wins. Be smart.
B. Offering Misleading Prices is Prohibited. 
    Intentionally giving another player false information, such as a value of an item, is not allowed. 
    This will result in a return of the item along with the removal of equivalent wealth from the scammer. 
    We acknowledge that prices fluctuate and our market, like every market, is dynamic.
    This rule will be handled on a case-by-case basis to determine the intention of the players involved.
    To protect yourself, offering reasonable prices (that you can justify), will go a long way.
C. Gambling another player's item is Prohibited. 
    Gambling any items that do not belong to you is considered scamming, with no exception.
    You will not be allowed to keep any items regardless of the outcome of your gamble.
    All items will be returned to the original owners and punishment can range from an IP-mute to a ban.
    *Management has logs of all gambling and will not tolerate anyone lying about such activities.
D. Dicing must Conform to our Standards.
    Dice duels are to be performed using agreed-upon sets of dice and total wins.
    Dice hosting rules (55x2) are to be explained thoroughly to the player making the bet before starting.

7. PvP Offenses on Zeah


A. Luring on Zeah is Prohibited.
    Luring a player into the wilderness with the intent of acquiring their items is Prohibited. 
    This will be taken very seriously and will possibly result in a ban and removal of items from the lurer.
B. PvP Farming on Zeah is Prohibited.
    Abusing the PvP reward system by killing each other’s alts is also forbidden.
    For clarification, this activity could gain a player Blood Money, Statuettes, etc.
    This abuse violates what we deem to be acceptable PvP and will result in a ban.
C. Skull Tricking on Zeah is Prohibited.
    Skull Tricking, the practice of faking a decoy account to confuse a player into skulling, is not allowed.
    This is considered abuse and will result in the removal of that item from your bank and a ban.
    This ban will be issued via the severity and history of the offense.


8. Multi-logging on Zeah


A. Playing Zeah on 4+ Accounts (on 1 Computer) is Prohibited.
    Playing more than three (4+) accounts at one time on the same computer will result in a ban. 
    Using that many accounts, via proxies, is considered an unfair advantage and exploit.
    This ban will reflect the conduct while multi logging and circumstance — 24h to permanent.

9. Bug Abuse on Zeah 


A. Bugs must be reported upon Discovery.
    If you have found a bug that compromises game design/integrity, you are required to report it.
    In most cases, Management is far more worried about vulnerabilities that exist in-game.
    Because of this, you most likely will receive immunity (possibly thanks) when swiftly reporting bugs.
    However, exploitation of the bug to one’s advantage is a sure-fire ban, of varying length. 


10. Macroing on Zeah 


A. The use of non-1:1 automation is Prohibited.
    The use of a macro, auto clicker, or script allowing you to do an action effortlessly is strictly forbidden.
    All forms of macroing will be dealt with severely and will result in temporary to permanent bans.
    Furthermore, the removal of bank wealth/resetting of stats is possible if deemed necessary. 

11. Staff Authority on Zeah 


A. Staff Members (Support Staff, Moderators, Management) have the final word.
    Staff members are vetted/chosen to lead the community by adherence and enforcement of the rules.
    If a staff member contacts you and tells you about a rule violation, you are expected to comply. 
    You are expected to respect every Staff member while setting aside any conflicts.
    * Know: Creating friction with Staff members is likely a poor decision in the long run. 

12. Donations on Zeah 


A. Donations, as a sale/contract, are Final and Non-Refundable.
    If you choose to buy a product from our Store (Zeah.gg/store), this is treated like any commercial sale.
    This means that you make a pledge to pay and we pledge to provide the desired product.
    If there is a server-side issue, Management will honor the sale in all cases.
    * Know: All chargebacks will be denied and disputed with evidence of purchase and received items. Sales are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.




















Communication Etiquette Advertisement & Reputation Other Integrity
Use of Inappropriate Language. Correct Thread Placement is Required. Advertisement must meet Standards. Evading Bans is Prohibited.
Adult or Inappropriate Content is Prohibited. Misleading Links are Prohibited. Self-Reputation is Prohibited. Threats, of any sort, are Prohibited.
Offensive Forums Names are Prohibited. "Gravedigging" should be Avoided. Asking for Reputation is Prohibited. Leaking Private Information is Prohibited.
Spamming is Prohibited.     Staff Impersonation is Prohibited.



Forums Rules: Elaborated


1. Communication on Zeah Forums 



A. Use of Inappropriate Language. 
    This is similar to our In-Game rule regarding communication. 
    Any topic, post, or private message (PM) directed to any members(s) in the community... 
    Should not flame, be derogatory, racist, etc. in any way.
    Absolutely no harassment or intentional disrespect is allowed.
    Warnings will result from a violation of this rule.



2. Post Etiquette on Zeah Forums 


A. Spamming is Prohibited. 
    Spamming with the intent of gaining post count for any reason is not allowed. 
    Posts containing little to no words of relevance will be considered as spam. 
    This rule is enforced to enhance the quality of our Forums as a platform of discussion.
    There will be a dedicated section devoted to more miscellaneous topics but treat it wisely.
    Will result in a penalty of 5 warning points.


B. Gravedigging / “Necro”-ing should be Avoided.
    Gravedigging is the act of posting in what is considered to be a "dead thread" of over 20 days.
    We will have a degree of leniency, here. But please try to post on pertinent threads or create your own.
    Threads such as community feedback, suggestions, or updates are exceptions as they act as logs. 
    Will result in a penalty of 5 warning points.


C. Correct Thread Placement is Required.
    Make sure to post your thread in the correct section! 
    It is very annoying to have to seek for threads that are incorrectly placed. 
    Soulgazer, our Forums Moderator, can point you in the right direction for threads if help is needed.
    This will result in 1 Warning Point per thread, which will get removed after a month of following the rule.


D. Misleading Links are Prohibited.
    The use of misleading links is strictly Prohibited. 
    Links to well-known sites are all right such as YouTube (which should embed, negating a reason to link).
    Otherwise misleading links are not allowed and can result in a ban from our forums.


E. Adult or Inappropriate Content is Prohibited.
    The creation of threads involving, but not limited to, inappropriate images or pornography is Prohibited.
    This involves inappropriate avatars, signatures, or anything that displays publicly. 
    Failure to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban.
    We aim for our Forums to be a place of maturity and, thus, these images have no place.



3. Forum Accounts on Zeah Forums 


A. Self-Reputation is Prohibited.
    The act of giving a “self-repping” will be dealt with by simply removing all your reputation.
    There is no shortage of content that you can create to garner kudos in the community.
    If this is repeated, it will result in a suspension of our forums.


B. Asking for Reputation is Prohibited.
    Requesting reputation, likes, or support for your thread is not allowed. 
    Incentivizing players will result in a permanent denial of your thread. 
    If a player feels like leaving a comment on your behalf, then that is their decision.


C. Inappropriate Forums Names are Prohibited.
    We do not tolerate inappropriate names that contain vulgar language, hate, or anything inappropriate. 
    This will result in immediate removal from our forums.


D. Evading Bans is Prohibited.
    Evading bans by making a new account will result in a longer punishment to prevent this action.
    * Know: Management have methods of detecting the identity of log-ins. Be smart.


E. Staff Impersonation is Prohibited. 
    Pretending to be a Staff member will not be tolerated by any means. 
    It will be dealt with harshly if a player is proven to have done so in a serious way. 
    If you do NOT see a staff icon/user bar under the poster’s reply, then they are NOT Zeah Staff.



4. Advertisement on Zeah Forums 


A. Thread Advertisement must Conform to our Standards.
    You may advertise your thread in-game if it is deemed appropriate and done without spamming.
    You may NOT advertise any game/forums-of-game that is a competing RSPS of Zeah. 
    This will result in permanent removal from both our forums and our server.



5. Threats & Leaking Information on Zeah Forums 


A. Threats, of any sort, are Prohibited.
    Making a thread of a DDOS or Hack is strictly Prohibited and will result in removal from our forums.
    We aim for our forums to be a place of discussion and not illegal activity.


B. Leaking Private Information is Prohibited.
    If someone has shared information with you regarding their personal lives, safeguard it.
    Players must consent to the release of such information. 
    Failure to respect others will result in permanent removal from our Forums.






















        We make and enforce rules for YOUR enjoyment, that of our community members.

To engage with Zeah & Zeah Forums, you hereby understand and accept our rules and standards.

You accept that you must adhere to our rules and failure to follow them results in punishment.

Your in-game and forums accounts, and ALL of Zeah, are the sole property of our Management.

If you have a question regarding our rules, please contact a Staff member.

If you accept/follow these rules, then we welcome you to Zeah and hope you enjoy our game!







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